CakePHP Documentation

The main purpose of this project is to follow en version on github

Translate CakePHP Plugins

Translate docs for plugins maintained by cakephp's group.


Environnment Tools & Config for Mac

  • Git : Versioning projects
  • Composer : Dependancy Manager for PHP
  • Brew : Package Manager for Mac
  • Adminer : Handle Databases
  • MariaDB or mySQL : Databases
  • PHPUnit : PHPUnit
  • PHPUnit Selenium : Tests different browser

Other Libs

CakePHP Plugins

  • cakephp/debug_kit : Gives debug infos about your app
  • cakephp/migrations : Database Migrations based on phinx
  • cakephp/cakephp-codesniffer : test the compliance of your code with CakePHP conventions

Usefuls Blogs